#4LOCALON spring art fusion // Οι τεχνίτες

craft tem3-17ς

Από τεχνίτες με την ικανότητα να κατασκευάζουν πράγματα με φροντίδα και αγάπη.

LOCAL ON spring art fusion

Από την Μ.Τετάρτη και μετά…!

Οι τεχνίτες της έκθεσης:

craft tem 1-23-11-12craft tem 1-20-09

craft tem 1-24-11-12-05-05craft tem 1-18--06-07craft tem 1-16-05craft tem 1-13craft tem 1-12

craft tem 1-11craft tem 1-10craft tem 1-09craft tem 1-08craft tem 1-07craft tem 1-06craft tem 1-05craft tem 1-04

craft tem 1-25-11-12-05-05-13

craft tem 1-21-10craft tem 1-03

craft tem 1-02craft tem 1 colomvakou-01-01

craft tem 1-22-11

craft tem 1-28-14-15-16craft tem 1-27-14-15craft tem 1-26-14craft tem 1-1906-07-08

craft tem 1-15-03-04craft tem 1-14-03craft tem 1-15-03-04-05craft tem 1-17--06

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