Disobedient Objects


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Disobedient Objects is an exhibition about out-designing authority. Looking beyond art and design framed by markets, connoisseurs and professionals, this exhibition considers the role of social movement cultures in re-making our world from below. Disobedient objects can be ingenious and sometimes beautiful solutions to complex problems, often produced with limited resources and under duress. Working by any media necessary, they may be poor in means, but they are often rich in ends.

Ceramic intervention on the V&A façade By Carrie Reichardt and the Treatment Rooms Collective, 2014
Ceramic Intervention on the V&A Façade “Disobidience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obidience

Disobedient objects have a history as long as social struggle itself. Ordinary people have always used them to exert counterpower, and object-making has long been a part of social movement cultures alongside music, performance and the visual arts. While these other mediums of protest have been explored before, this exhibition is the first to look broadly at material culture’s role in radical social change. It identifies these objects as part of a people’s history of art and design. The exhibition begins in the late 1970s, taking as its starting point the cycle of global social struggles beginning in that period which engaged with the emerging political terrain of neoliberalism and new technologies.

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100 κανόνες που πρέπει να παραβείτε

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epanastasi-epixeirein-152x230 (1)

«Επανάσταση στο επιχειρείν:

100 κανόνες που πρέπει να παραβείτε»

Καινοτομία και αλλάγη στο επιχειρείν από το βιβλίο «Επανάσταση στο επιχειρείν» που κυκλοφόρησε από τον εκδοτικό οίκο «Rosili» με στόχο να κάνει τον «συνήγορο του διαβόλου».

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